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Vermont Tea Cookies

This delicately spiced cookie is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up with a mug of tea. Or pack a few to go for a healthy, not-too-sweet lunchbox treat.

Organic sprouted spelt flour, butter, VT maple sugar, organic sprouted almonds, organic eggs, organic spices, baking powder, Himalayan salt. Contains Allergens: nuts, gluten, dairy, eggs.
Storage Tips

Vermont Tea Cookies are best stored in a refrigerator or a cool environment. They will keep well for at least 60 days unopened. Once opened, they are best eaten within a few days or kept in an airtight container.

Proviant Foods, Middlesex, VT

Fresh and locally sourced organic whole grains make this a tasty and wholesome cookie. Packaged in a lovely box, they make a great gift.

Best Cookies ever !!
June 17, 2023 by

Smooth taste with a hinge of herbs , gingery memories surfaces as the after taste ..perfect texture , all organic ingredients .. Is was made with love and passion - you cannot resist this powerful combo . VT Tea Cookies have become a weekly must have in my order .. I found myself collecting the cookies paper packages for some reason - a little pieces of art by themselves. Great Start Proviant Foods Team! Looking forward towards your next culinary masterpiece !