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Organic Daikon Radish

Daikon is a mild winter radish with a myriad of uses. Brighten up a salad or soup, pickle it, or make a batch of kimchi.

Storage Tips

Remove leaves and roots, wrap in paper towel and refrigerate.


December 27, 2020 by

I like these, but I struggled to figure out what to do with 2 pounds of them. They are quite mild tasting for radishes (not really peppery or spicy at all), so here's what I ended up doing with them:

0.5 lb sliced with a mandolin and quick-pickled in the fridge (you can google plenty of recipes for this). Great on tacos!

0.5 lb used in Asian chicken soup:
This was really good and the radishes are mild so they don't overpower the dish. They reminded me a little bit like water chestnuts with their crunchiness.

1 lb used in in a daikon radish parantha:
In this context, they remind me a little bit like zucchini: they add moisture and nutrients to the flatbread but again, they don't dominate the flavor.