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savory herb

Red Wagon Plants Organic Summer Savory

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Savory is a versatile herb with a flavor similar to oregano, thyme and marjoram. This variety is a bit lighter and easier to use than the winter savory most folks are accustomed to. Grown by Julie at Red Wagon Plants, whose masterful growing and culinary skills shine in the outstanding flavor and quality of her herbs.

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Storage Tips
Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Red Wagon Plants, Hinesburg, VT

Savory works well is stuffings, soups and sauces as well as bean dishes and lighter meats like chicken, turkey or fish.
Red Wagon Herbs are typically packed in cellophane bags, but occasionally they are packaged in plastic clamshells. The plastic clamshells they use are made from 100% post consumer plastic made by Packaging 2.0, a company that donates a percentage of its proceeds every year to ocean clean up.
Certified Organic

Lovely herbal with a bit of spice
August 27, 2022 by

I had never have summer savory before and was surprised it had quite a kick to it. I put it in a rigatoni with butternut squash sauce and it dded a nice touch to a fairly bland dish. I also put it in some braised beet greens and in my squash soup. In the soup, the spice mellowed but the flavor was still interesting and a bit different than oregano or thyme. The size of bag was really large, and I am now going to look at ways to dry it!