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Organic Shishito Peppers

Similar to a Spanish style Padron pepper, their thin skins soften after a brief roasting or grill over an open flame. Pan roasted and then tossed with sea salt and a squeeze of lemon is all you need to do to fully enjoy their flavor.

Storage Tips

Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Dog River Farm, Berlin, VT

While they are not known as spicy - every once in a while a Shishito pepper will become hot - be aware as you pop them in your mouth.
Certified Organic

Just like the shishito in Japan
September 17, 2022 by

These shishito are slightly larger than the ones you get in Japan. The freshness is top notch. We cook them stir friend in oil with just salt and pepper or to cook in the leftover sauce from chicken teriyaki or fried whole in tempura!