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Nitro Brew Colombia

This single origin nitro brew 6 pack has natural sweetness, a syrupy body and mild acidity. It is brewed at a slightly higher strength than a regular cup so it's strong enough to pour over ice without getting too diluted. It's still great to drink straight as well.
Grown and harvested by the Inga Indigenous community surrounding Aponte Village.

Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator.

Brio Coffeeworks, Burlington, VT

--Recommendations on how you prepare and enjoy the nitro brew Brio Coffeeworks coffee:
● For a ready-to-drink cold coffee, enjoy straight from the can or over ice.
● For a velvety nitro coffee, shake the can vigorously for several seconds, wait another few, and then pour into a glass. You will see the infused nitrogen cascading down, creating an extra silky mouthfeel and a creamy top.
● The cans can also be enjoyed black (as is, straight from the can), or with a splash of milk and a touch of your favorite sweetener (we love VT maple syrup, of course)

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