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7 oz

Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

7 oz

Shiitake Mushrooms are sweet and meaty mushrooms with a silky texture and a nutty finish. Great sautéed, in soups, and stir-fry!

Storage Tips

Store in plastic clamshell, or brown paper bag in the refrigerator. Best enjoyed within a week.

1000 Stone Farm, Brookfield, VT

1000 Stone Farm packages their mushrooms in clamshells made from recycled plastic. These packages are recyclable.
Certified Organic


January 9, 2021 by

I've never been a big mushroom fan, but I've always thought of shiitake mushrooms as the "most tolerable" of them.

That holds especially true for these shiitakes from 100 Stone Farm. Fresh, clean, and with a surprisingly intense, complex flavor that tastes like more than just "earthy".

One of these days I'm going to spiral-cut and fry them like the "mock eel" dish at Single Pebble. But for now, they're just adding some "meatiness" to my soups and vegetarian dishes.

Whenever I have any leftover that are at risk of going bad, they go into my dehydrator and will store for a very long time once dried.

May 2, 2020 by

These are the cleanest mushrooms I've ever seen. So fresh too! There are no bad parts or unedible stems to cut away so it's better priced than at first glance since all of it is eaten.