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Organic Pear Ginger Spreadable Fruit

Pear Ginger Spreadable Fruit is made by Elmore Roots in Wolcott, Vermont. This certified organic spreadable fruit is softer than most jams, and its mild, sweet flavors of apple, pear and Vermont ginger tastes delicious on crackers, toast, or on a cheese plate!

organic apples, organic pears, organic dried cane syrup, organic fresh Vermont ginger
Storage Tips

refrigerate after opening

Elmore Roots Nursery, Wolcott, VT

Elmore Roots Nursery grows cold hardy fruit trees, fruit bushes and nut trees in the chilly climate of Wolcott, Vermont. Their spreadable fruits are softer than traditional jams and have a mild, sweet flavor making them a kid-friendly choice for toast or sandwiches.


March 28, 2020 by

Completely agree with Christine's review on all counts. Also goes quite well with butter on whole grain toast or waffles!

December 31, 2019 by

This jam is delicious. It is not too sweet and has a great smooth spreadable texture (similar to apple butter). Try it on biscuits or with roast pork for a real treat.