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Fresh Organic Chestnuts

These gorgeous large organic chestnuts can be eaten raw, microwaved, boiled or of course roasted. Make sure you cut a slit in them before roasting or microwaving. They can be used for stuffing, baked into delicious desserts, or just enjoyed with some salt. With more protein than an egg, they are a wonderful treat that is good for you.

Storage Tips

Store in a paper bag in the refrigerator until ready to use.

J and B's Chestnut Farm, Winfield, IA

These chestnuts will keep for months stored in the fridge wrapped in a papper bag. 34 - 38 degrees is ideal.

Small, but oh so sweet
November 12, 2023 by

In the one pound, there were 65 chestnuts and that alone made me consider docking them one star as the scoring took a long time, but the flavor was so good I had to put the star back, because after all, taste is everything. We scored around the "equator" of the chestnuts and then soaked them in water 10-12 hours overnight, drained and then roasted ~30 minutes at 350F and they were perfect.