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Cottage Cheese

Artisanal "Curds'n'Cream", made from 100% grassfed A2 milk. This is cottage cheese as it ought to be: thick, rich, creamy and full of protein. Perfect for snacking, baking, pasta dishes, and more.

Pasteurized whole cow's milk, sea salt, culture.
Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated .

Brookford Farm, Canterbury, NH

Brookford Farm is a 600-acre diversified farm with 35+ acres in certified organic vegetable production. The farm is also home to cattle, hogs, lambs and chickens, all rotated on pasture as the seasons allow. Their cows are 100% grass fed, and all milks and cheese are processed in their on-site creamery.

Good quality, fresh, but a drier cottage cheese
May 21, 2023 by

The cottage cheese is tasty and cheesy. My personal preference is the creamy, wetter Hood cottage cheese. This one was a bit drier than I prefer.