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sprouted grain pumpernickel bread small dark dense
1 lb loaf

Organic Sprouternickel Loaf

1 lb loaf

Sprouternickel begins with Red Hen's Pumpernickel (Kingdom Rye) and features the addition of sprouted spelt and rye berries, as well as sunflower seeds. It is made from 100% Certified Organic whole rye flour grown at Thornhill Farm in Greensboro, VT and milled fresh at the Red Hen Bakery. Danish rye style, with just a hint of caraway, a dense flavor and texture, an earthy acidity and a very tight crumb.

Whole rye flour*, water, sunflower seeds*, sprouted rye berries*, sprouted spelt berries*, salt. *Certified organic
Storage Tips

This bread comes wrapped in a plastic bag and at room temperature will lasts well over a week. We would recommend you keep it in the bag in a refrigerator after opening for best results.

Red Hen Baking Co., Middlesex, VT

It begins with Certified Organic whole rye flour and features sprouted organic spelt and rye berries, organic sunflower seeds. This is a nutty, flavorful, heavy duty, no-kidding-around-serious-business bread, full of flavor and texture.
Delicious as a breakfast loaf, it is also wonderful for re-energizing while hiking, skiing or after playing hockey. Or, slice it thin and enjoy with a fine cheese.
Certified Organic


October 16, 2017 by

I LOVE this loaf. It is absolutely delicious with brie, cheddar, chevre, or just a thick spread of cultured butter. It is a meal in itself, but also fabulous with eggs. Rich, dense, delicious.

August 11, 2017 by

This is absolutely delicious bread. It's small, and it's dense, and it's full of flavor, having the savory rye flavor, but also the sort of sweetness and texture from the sunflower seeds.

It's density will make it stand up to a spreadable cheese, and I'd choose one that had some bite, such as a chevre or a feta.