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organic bread cape cod sourdough loaf cranberry flax seed
1 lb loaf

Organic Cape Cod Sourdough Bread

1 lb loaf

Larissa & Jim created this tasty, wholesome flaxseed and wheat sourdough loaf in 2008 when they were still baking in Ukraine, and it has proven to be very popular wherever they bake it. With its dried cranberries, this bread pairs very nicely with sharp cheeses and poultry. When toasted it releases a delightfully nutty taste due to the whole grain and flax seeds, and it also makes a great French toast.

Organic wheat stone ground whole grain flour, bread flour, cranberries, flax seed, honey, water, sea salt
Storage Tips

It is not recommend to store your bread in the refrigerator; rather, the best two options to keep your loaves fresh, tasty and healthy:
1. FRESH LOAF.If you consume your fresh loaf within a day or two, you can store it in a paper bag that is slid in a plastic bag, kept slightly open. A paper bag ensures a layer to avoid direct contact of your bread with plastic, which can lead to dampness and molding.After cutting a few slices you can turn it open end down to keep the cut side fresh.If you forget and leave it for a long time, the open side of a sourdough bread will form a protective seal of sorts. So, if you come home and find that your bread is still exposed on the cutting board with a dry end, do not rush throw it away. Just take a knife and cut a thin slice of the dry end and you will see that your bread in fact is still fresh.
2. FREEZINGThe most important rule is to freeze it on the day it was baked while it still holds all the moisture needed to freeze and stay fresh when defrosted.You can freeze even a half or a quarter of your loaf. Just pack it for the freezer the same way mentioned above for the daily storage.To defrost, take your loaf from the freezer 2-3 hours (depending on the size of the loaf) before your planned meal or on the evening the day before and just leave it in the same wrapping on the kitchen counter to let it come to a room temperature. It will be like the fresh bread you bought some time ago.


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Crunchy, light and delicious!