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6 muffins

Birchgrove Bakery English Muffins

6 muffins

These English muffins are big and fluffy with serious nooks and crannies; perfect toasted for breakfast, as an afterschool snack, or used as buns for delicious burgers.
This is a 6 pack of 3 oz muffins.

King Arthur AP Flour, Mansfield Dairy Milk, Malt Powder, Corn Starch, Yeast, Cabot Butter, Baking Powder, Salt
Storage Tips

Muffins hold best under refrigeration or frozen if not consumed within four days.

Birchgrove Baking, Montpelier, VT

Birchgrove suggests splitting each muffin (purists use a fork, but a knife works too) and toasting. Add your favorite butter, jam, peanut butter or whatever spread you would like and maybe cook up your favorite style of egg to go with it.

Great, Different
January 20, 2023 by

I have tried boutique English Muffins and they're not all that they're made up to be. Growing up with the likes of Thomas's, I'm used to nooks and crannies that get a bit of crunch when toasted. They provide texture. The boutique ones I've tried are too soft and just end up sort of mealy.

These don't quite get that Thomas's texture, if you're looking for that, but they're rich and flavorful, and provide their own pleasure. I used them in a avocado/cheese/egg sandwich yesterday and they provided their own bit of dense texture and subtle rich flavor to the proceedings.

At $15, $2.50 per, they're expensive, and I'm not sure I'll buy them again, but they're worth trying. For me, for English Muffins, I'm happy with Thomas's. It's what I grew up with, but these boutique ones have a wonderful mouth feel worth experiencing.

Very appealing, softer english muffin
February 12, 2022 by

I REALLY like these. There's another local brand I can sometimes get at the big natural foods chain that are my all time favorite, but these are almost as good. They are a bit softer and thicker than a grocery store english muffin. IMHO, this makes them yummier with that hint of crunch from toasting but a tender interior. I like that this comes in a larger package than my other fave, too, because my teen sometimes finishes those off before I get any. While I'm normally a light toast person (setting 2 on my toaster), these require longer for optimal texture (setting 5.)

I ❤️ these English Muffins!
January 9, 2022 by

Just toasted up my first this morning -- had one half with butter, the other with homemade blackberry jam. YUM!

Like fluffy crannied clouds of edible joy!
December 16, 2021 by

These are perfect! Closer to the way the British make English muffins in that they're soft and have terrific flavor. They hold up to toasting and add a little butter and jam and, well, a delightful breakfast treat! I imagine they would make a fantastic breakfast sandwich as well.

Light and Fluffy!
November 19, 2021 by

These English Muffins are Great....light and fluffy ...almost like a cross between an English Muffin and a biscuit. They toast up great and yummy with butter and jam or peanut butter