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bee balm gift box

Vermont Bee Balm Bee Balm Gift Box

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This gift box contains Vermont Bee Balm's most popular healing beeswax based products. Each box offers one Original Bee Balm, one Orange Butter Balm, two Original Lip Balms and two Orange Lip Balms. These products help heal and protect skin from the elements with the power of beeswax and olive oil. They're also safe for babies!
The Original Bee Balm is an original remedy used for centuries to heal and protect cracked fingers, minor burns, abrasions, chapped and chafed skin. It heals cracked fingers without bandages or glue. Leaves a protective layer that feels great, not greasy! It is safe for sensitive skin and has no scent added, only the natural fragrance of beeswax.
The Orange Butter Balm works the same as Original Bee Balm. Rich in cocoa butter, Orange Butter Balm feels silky smooth and has a wonderful chocolate-orange scent.
Most lip balms on the market contain petroleum jelly. Petroleum forms a barrier, causing dryness, which is counterproductive! Vermont Bee Balm's lip balms go on nice and smooth and effectively moisturize and heal dry, cracked lips.

Original Bee Balm Ingredients: Pure Olive Oil, Pure Vermont Beeswax Orange Butter Balm Ingredients: Pure Olive Oil, Pure Vermont Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Original Lip Balm Ingredients: Pure Olive Oil, Pure Vermont Beeswax. Orange Lip Balm Ingredients: Pure Olive Oil, Pure Vermont Beeswax, Sweet Orange Essential Oil.

1 box containing 2 balm tins + 4 lip balms

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Vermont Bee Balm, Craftsbury, VT

Made in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont in small batches, Vermont Bee Balm products source local beeswax from Vermont Apiaries. They utilize two or three ingredients in their line of products so you know what you're putting on your skin. Their balms soothe cracked or chapped skin and are effective at home, work, or on the farm.


November 17, 2020 by

I originally bought this to gift to a friend, but I couldn't resit opening the little package when it came and ended up keeping it for myself! I love having the bee balm in these smaller tins to carry around with me. The sweet orange smells and tastes so lovely. I will definitely be buying more of these to hand out as gifts!