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Organic Asparagus

Asparagus is such a welcome treat of Spring! These sweet, tender green stalks are some of the first vegetables to emerge from the soil.

Storage Tips

Store in plastic in the refrigerator.

Foote Brook Farm, W Johnson, VT

Growing asparagus in our cooler climate is an incredible challenge and takes great skill. It is also a real investment since it is a perennial crop that comes up again each spring. The cultivated varieties we enjoy are derived from wild asparagus, which can be found in various regions around the world.
Grown by Kettle Song, River Berry Farm, Dog River Farm and Foote Brook Farm.
Certified Organic


June 4, 2017 by

"It's the best thing I ever ate!" Yup. These asparagus deserve 6 or more stars. I have to agree with that assessment by my 8-year-old who has never been particularly partial to asparagus. Wow! I had no idea asparagus could be sweet like that. We just steamed them for 3 minutes and then dipped them in mayonnaise with a tiny bit of extra vinegar added and they were sheer heaven. For a while now, I have been roasting all the asparagus I buy at the grocery store because they just couldn't stand up to the nakedness of steaming, but roasting these spears would be sacrilegious. We can't wait until they are back!

June 2, 2013 by

These asparagus are the most delicious I've ever eaten. They're so fresh, you can taste the sweetness in them.