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Sweet Rowen Farmstead Alpine Cheese

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Alpine cheeses are known for their “terroir” or taste of place - the culmination of environmental variables like soil type, topography, and climate, that make up a specific geographical location. Sweet Rowen's take on this traditional cheese is mild, nutty, and complex. This is a semi-firm cheese that melts well - try it on your next grilled cheese!

Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, cultures, non-GMO vegetable rennet.

8 oz

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Sweet Rowen Farmstead, West Glover, VT

Sweet Rowen's Freedom Heights is named for the plot of rugged mountain terrain their cows call home. At Sweet Rowen, they strive to provide their herd with the best possible forage and milking practices in an effort to express our own unique terroir.
GMO Free

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