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Singing Pastures Farm Damariscotta, ME

Farmer/Producer Website

As proud ninth-generation farmers, John and Holly have a long-term vision for sustainable family farming - starting with their own farm here in Maine. They founded Singing Pastures with two goals in mind: to increase the availability of healthy, nutritious pork and to promote regenerative agriculture.
As regenerative farmers, Singing Pastures and their network of other small farms apply higher standards to how they farm. They continually use and improve practices that:

Build topsoil and sequester carbon
Increase plant, animal, and microbial biodiversity
Improve water cycles, which increases resilience to climate disruption, including rising temperatures, droughts, flooding, and erosion
Focus on animal welfare including holistic management practices

They do not use:

Synthetic fertilizers
GMO plants or feed
Industrial animal by-products in feed
Ractopamine/Paylean (a feed additive used to promote leanness in animals raised for their meat)
Antibiotics and synthetic hormones
Gestation crates or cages

Regenerative farming isn't just their livelihood. It's their calling. The idea of "regeneration" doesn't just apply to the natural world - it applies to our human community, too. That's why they're committed to growing the movement across America and beyond by re-populating the countryside with ecologically sensitive farmers and ranchers. They're also committed to building positive, mutually beneficial relationships with everyone who is connected to their products: farmer network, vendors, distributors, local community, and of course, customers.

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