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Quince Infused Vinegar

Vermont Quince's Quince-Infused Vinegar is a versatile and delicious flavor for your kitchen! Enjoy on green salads by itself or in a dressing, toss with roasted vegetables or add a splash to seltzer or cocktails.

Quince, White Wine Vinegar, Organic Cane Sugar
Vermont Quince Company, Newfane, VT

Owned by Nan Stefanik, Vermont Quince Company specializes in unique, tasty condiments using quince as her primary ingredient! Although quince appears to be an exotic fruit, it is actually an ancient cousin of the apple and pear. Grown in Colonial America for it's high pectin content, quince is an ideal fruit for use in preserves and though it grows well in this region, it remains a relatively obscure fruit among local orchards. Nevertheless, Nan is able to source her fruit from Vermont and New Hampshire, encouraging commercial growers to join the "quince revival!"

Versatile and full of flavor
January 29, 2022 by

I love this vinegar. Unique, lovely flavor for a salad vinegarette, mignonette for oysters, sprinkle over veggies…use your imagination.

Unique and delicious
January 5, 2022 by

An unusual combination of sweet and tart. I love quince paste, and this vinegar surpassed my expectations. The ingredients are quince, white wine vinegar, and cane sugar, in that order. While not every purpose calls for this kind of sophisticated flavor, most flavored vinegars taste cloyingly sweet to me--I like this one much better!

August 8, 2020 by

The quince vinegar is sublime. By far the best vinegar I've ever experienced.
It's becoming my 'go to' gift to my dinner hosts.