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vault number five artisanal cave aged vermont cheddar cheese
6.5 oz

Vault No. 5 Cheddar Cheese

6.5 oz

Pasteurized Cow Milk
Vault No. 5 is a cave aged cheddar with alpine style flavors. The making of this cheese employs traditional methods that build a complex flavor profile. The end result is a cheese that is nutty and sweet in flavor and semi-firm texture that melts in your mouth or on your sandwich.

Pasteurized cow's milk, cheese cultures, salt and enzymes Note: Vault No. 5 goes through a process known as larding before it is wrapped in muslin. The cheese is rubbed in animal fat which provides food for microbes throughout the aging process. Once the cheese has matured there are no animal byproducts left behind, however, this is not considered a vegetarian cheese.
Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator.

Cellars at Jasper Hill, Greensboro, VT

Vault No. 5 is made witch cheddar from Cabot Creamery-- one of the oldest family farm cooperatives in New England, primarily known for their world-class line of cheddars. Jasper Hill works with Cabot graders to hand select vats of young cheese that are suited to graceful cave-ripening. Upon arrival to ‘Vault 5’— the temperature and humidity controlled cave within The Cellars from which this cheese gets its name— blocks are coated with lard, brushed and turned in order to cultivate a living natural rind. These
traditional methods impart unique complexity to the developing cheese.

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