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After Dark Decaf Organic Coffee

A rich medium roast blend that is well balanced, with a smooth flavor that's caffeine free.
A blend of organic, water processed beans from Central America.
This is a bag of whole beans. Grind immediately before brewing for optimal flavor.

Storage Tips

Keep in a sealed bag and enjoy within 1-2 weeks time.

Awake Coffee, Warren, VT

12 oz. bags are vacuum packed for maximum freshness and resealable.
Certified Organic
Fair Trade


January 29, 2021 by

I can't do caffeine because I wake up wired and a I'm a mile a minute without any help from coffee. I love coffee, I love to grind the beans, and smell the bag before I buy it and hope nobody catches me. I love to use my pour over method to make the perfect cup. But ever since I had to ditch the regular joe, I was so bummed as decaf just didn't taste the same. UNTIL NOW. I forgot to get a bag last order and I suffered. Gravely. I was up all night because I had to drink my husband's coffee as I couldn't resist the ritual. Today I finally drank bone broth instead of coffee because I was going to pick up my AWAKE decaf from Farmers to You (me)! It was motivation enough to abstain. Now I have my own bag of deliciousness roasted to perfection for the week. Never will I be so foolish again. Please don't ever stop making this. Please! Thank you from a coffee snob!