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8 oz

Turmeric Honey

8 oz

This turmeric pouring honey was a Good Food awards finalist, and features Old Friends Farm own turmeric. It pours like syrup and works great in salad dressings, mixed drinks, seltzer, tea, golden milk or by the spoonful!


Organic turmeric, honey, organic apple cider vinegar, black pepper.
Storage Tips

Refrigerate after opening.

Old Friends Farm, Amherst, MA

Old Friends Farm grows 28 acres of certified Organic salads, vegetables, and flowers and is widely known for pioneering Northeast-grown ginger and turmeric, and for the specialty products made with these powerful roots. Certified Organic and part of the Real Organic movement.

Delicious and versatile
July 8, 2023 by

I have mixed this with seltzer to make mocktails and added it to salad dressing. It adds a lot of flavor, and makes drinks and lovely amber color.