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appx. 2-3 lbs

Turkey Thigh

appx. 2-3 lbs

This is where all the flavor of the turkey is! Misty Knoll's bone-in thigh is excellent roasted or braised.

Storage Tips

Keep refrigerated for 5 days or freeze for later use.
Misty Knoll Poultry comes fresh and should be kept refrigerated and enjoyed or frozen within a week. To thaw meat that has been frozen, place in a sealed bag in a bowl of cool water. Allow at least a day to thaw your poultry prior to cooking. Depending on the size and cut thawing times may vary.

Misty Knoll Farms, New Haven, VT

For all of you who never can get quite enough of the dwidling dark meat on the holiday turkey - here is your solution.
So much healthier than processed meats bought at the deli counter, and more reasonable too.
These turkeys are healthy and happy birds you can feel good about. They come from Misty Knoll Farms in New Haven VT (just northeast of Middlebury) from the same farmer who supplies Farmers To You families with outstanding chicken.
Misty Knoll starts the turkeys in a large brooder house, sheltered from the elements, until they are capable of withstanding Vermont's cool nights. Then the flocks are moved to open barns with plenty of room and sunlight, whole grains and fresh water. Allowed to grow naturally to size, these turkeys are robust and meatier than other turkeys found at the supermarket - naturally grown birds take longer to mature, but the resulting flavor is well worth it.
Misty Knoll Farms is a family-owned and operated farm producing the finest naturally raised free-range turkeys available from Vermont. Farmers to you is pleased to offer this wonderful product to Boston area families.

Thanksgiving for 2
December 1, 2023 by

When we found ourselves alone this Thanksgiving. I dry brined and roasted these thighs. I was delighted at how flavorful the meat was. Afterwards, I made turkey stock and a delicious turkey soup. I highly recommend these as a break from the delicious whole chickens.

March 19, 2020 by

Maybe I'm the only FTY member who would admit this, but I hate cooking. I do, however, like to feel my family nutritious homemade food! The slow cooker (crock pot) is my beloved friend. For lazy cooks, a package of turkey thighs plus a turkey breast makes for a delicious family meal with plenty of leftovers. Just brown the seasoned pieces of meat in a large skillet first (and carmelize some onion or shallot in that same pan before you wash it), dump it all in a large Crock Pot for ~6 hours, and you've got meat just as tasty as Thanksgiving with a fraction of the work (or cleanup.) I make this at least once a month. I often throw in whatever root vegetables I've got, but, even cooked alone, the turkey turns out moist and tasty.

February 27, 2019 by

Who knew that turkey could have THIS much flavor? Of course I'd indulge in dark meat at Thanksgiving (a friend from the midwest said that her family would throw out the dark meat before serving it up. Yikes!).

In any event, I used to be a mostly white meat guy, until I tried Misty Knoll chicken thighs. I had a local grocer bring those in. But they went under. Regular grocery thighs just are a bit more fatty, but I was never all that impressed with their flavor. The chicken thighs from Misty Knoll had a richer flavor. I had became a regular buyer.

I was delighted when I saw that Farmers To You sold Misty Knoll. FTY elected not to carry the standalone thighs, but they carry the chicken leg quarters. I really prefer thighs over the drumsticks when it comes to roasting, so I thought I'd try the turkey thighs. Wow, these are killer. Really distinct and richly flavored.

I cook them at 400 degrees for about an hour and fifteen minutes. I'll either rub them with herbs, or marinate them for a 2-3 hours before roasting.

Honestly, the Misty Knoll stuff is the number one reason I continue to shop from Farmers To You (among the many other yummy reasons).

April 26, 2017 by

Absolutely amazing.
Perfect Flavor
Perfect Texture
Soon to be on our menu regularly!
Thank you for the hard work.
Very much appreciated.