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Tarragon Herb Salt

Tarragon, lemon peel and coriander come together in a well-balanced blend that will brighten the simplest preparations. Sprinkle on sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and green salads or use as a finishing salt with fish, chicken, or pasta. Make a simple dip by stirring into sour cream or creme fraiche. It is just salt, tarragon, lemon and a bit of coriander. A well rounded blend that comes together with lots of dimension.

kosher salt,organic tarragon, lemon peel, coriander
Storage Tips

Keep in a cool, dark place.

Red Wagon Plants, Hinesburg, VT

The herbs and garlic are grown by Julie at Red Wagon Plants, whose masterful growing and culinary skills shine in the outstanding flavor and quality of her herbs.


October 17, 2020 by

This infused salt is delicious and comes in especially handy when you don't have fresh tarragon on hand. Try it on orange-glazed carrots, peas, and chicken.

October 12, 2020 by

This salt is delicious. This is my go-to salt for my roasted Misty Knoll Chicken. Season generously with this tarragon salt and roast, maybe add some black pepper. That's all you need and the result is so delicious. The cute jar and pretty label make this a great gift item, too.