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16 oz

Ricotta Cheese

16 oz

Traditionally made, hand-dipped ricotta, bursting with flavor. Maplebrook's ricotta is unique for its smooth delicate texture, full flavor, and outstanding quality. It is perfect for all recipes, whether savory or sweet. Try it on toast with cinnamon and sugar for a simple breakfast treat, or bake it into a lasagna for a traditional Italian family favorite.

Pasteurized Whole Milk, Vinegar, and Salt
Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator.

May 19, 2023 by

I've never had homemade ricotta before, but I know now I can never go back to thevstire-bought variety. This stuff is the essence of pure milky goodness. So light. So tasty. It's AMAZING!

Tastes like homemade!
March 1, 2023 by

This stuff is delicious! So smooth and creamy. Nothing like the grocery store stuff that's chalky and has no flavor at all. This tastes like homemade ricotta. It's good enough to drizzle with your best olive oil and cracked black pepper and serve with your favorite crusty bread.