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16 oz

Peruvian Dark Roast Organic Coffee

Saw-Dog's Peruvian dark roast is a versatile coffee - great through a metal drip screen, a French press or a pourover. It's also a popular choice for at-home cold brew during the summer months. This coffee is delicately sweet, with low levels of acidity, but still vibrant, and marries well with any sweet additions you like in your coffee.

This is a bag of whole beans. Grind immediately before brewing for optimal flavor.

Storage Tips

Keep in a sealed bag and enjoy within 1-2 weeks time.

Saw-Dog Coffee Roasters, South Burlington, VT

100% of Saw-Dog's coffee holds three key certifications:
Cafe Feminino, Certified Organic and Fair Trade.
Their coffee bags are compostable and tin ties are recyclable.
Saw-Dog is a member of 1% for the Planet, and they roast their coffee utilizing power generated from solar panels.

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