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organic skim nonfat homogenized milk

Strafford Organic Creamery Organic Skim Milk

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Strafford's skim milk is their lightest option and still boasts their unique delicious flavor.
Flash pasteurized and homogenized, this milk is not ultra-pasteurized like most dairy you find in the store and the difference in taste is outstanding. This milk retains its full, sweet flavor, enjoy!

half gallon

Storage Tips

Strafford Organic Creamery dates their milk with Sell By dates (not Best By dates). Keep their milk in cold refrigeration, and it will last for 10-14 days after the Sell By date. Make sure your fridge temperature is below 40 degrees. Each hour milk is kept above that temperature takes a day off of its shelf life.

Strafford Organic Creamery, Strafford, VT

Amy and Earl at Strafford Organic Creamery produce their milk with utmost care. They milk between 45 and 60 Guernsey Cows, grow most of their feed, bottle their milk in heavy glass, and deliver it to local stores in Vermont.
Bottle Returns: Please rinse and return your glass bottle. Your host will keep track of your returns and the bottle deposit will be applied to your next order.
Certified Organic
Flash Pasteurized

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