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heirloom corn arepa
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All Souls Tortilleria Organic Heirloom Corn Arepas

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An arepa is a round patty made of ground corn, and these certified organic nixtamal arepas of heirloom corn aspire to embody the work of restoring the cultural heritage and growth practices traditionally used in Colombia. Nixtamalized corn is a traditional process in which the whole kernel corn is cooked in water with slaked limestone. The steeped corn kernels arestone ground into masa which is then shaped and cooked over fire to make a delicious and nutritious arepa.

Certified organic corn, lime, water

4 arepas

Storage Tips

These arepas are best enjoyed fresh, or eaten within 10 days. Keep refrigerated, resealed in their plastic bag. They can also be put in the freezer for later, in a sealed plastic bag.

All Souls Tortilleria, Burlington, VT

These arepas are a collaboration between All Souls and their friend Nando of Moon and Stars Arepas. Nando has been dedicating his passionate and creative spirit to advocating for sustainable agriculture systems and community building through joyful gatherings, open pollinated seed and the culinary traditions of where he was born and raised in Colombia. Traditionally arepas were made with heirloom native open pollinated corn specific to each region of the Andes. Ranging in size and thickness there are over 40 types of arepas in Colombia alone. Unfortunately, over the last hundred years the tradition of growing corn to make the arepa has declined since corn has become one of the world’s most commodified and genetically modified grains. The US has been exporting GMO corn to South America thus contaminating the once diverse corn supply with corn that is no longer native to the region, can not be saved from year to year, and has less nutrition than the traditional corn grown by farmers throughout the country. Moon and Stars aims to source all of their corn from some of the oldest seed strains still in existence and grow them for seed and masa at 4-6 locations around the Upper Valley. The partnership will consist of use of land to grow no till, organically with regenerative practices in exchange for improved soil health, regenerative growing practices and shared ownership in a farmer collective.

Naturally gluten-free.
Certified organic


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