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olive oil organic tuscany
750 ml
$39.98 $34.98

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

750 ml
$39.98 $34.98

Biodynamic olive oil is known for its exceptional flavor, and La Vialla’s extra virgin olive oil has won some of the world's most prestigious international awards. Years of innovation and expertise have resulted in a mixture of varietals chosen for their intensity and aroma. This is a rich, vibrant and spicy oil with LOTS of flavor, use it to uplift sauces, baking, bruschetta and salads.

Olive blend: 50% Morlline, 20% Frantoiane, 20% Leccine, 10% Raggiaie
Storage Tips

Store in a cool, dark place - UV light will degrade the oil quickly. Use within one year.

Fattoria La Vialla, Arezzo,

Pour some of this oil into a bowl and let it turn good bread into a great meal. Use it on spaghetti with tomato and basil, dip vegetables into it, dial-up bruschetta or explore ancient recipes such as Pappa al Pomodoro or Ribollita. Extra virgin olive oil has a higher smoke point than other olive oils, so it is incredibly versatile as well as delicious. As they say where these olives were grown, "Con olioe sale si fa buono anche stivale" (with oil and salt even a boot tastes good) - true if the oil this good!

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