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mushrooms medley chestnut shiitake oyster organic
7 oz

Organic Mushroom Medley

7 oz

1000 Stone Farm's Mushroom Medley is a beautiful mix of 2-3 varieties of their mushrooms - shiitake, chestnut, oyster, and/or lion's mane. The varieties change from week to week so each order will be a surprise!

Storage Tips

Store in plastic clamshell, or brown paper bag in the refrigerator. Best enjoyed within a few days.

1000 Stone Farm, Brookfield, VT

1000 Stone Farm packages their mushrooms in clamshells made from recycled plastic. These packages are recyclable.
Certified Organic


December 25, 2020 by

We love all mushrooms so it's really fun to see what we'll get each week. Usually there's some lion's mane and shiitake with either oyster or chestnut. Love them all. Now we always order this and sometimes add another pack if we know we're making something very mushroomy that week. My favorite way to cook them is the press and sear method from The Wicked Healthy Cookbook by New Hampshire brothers Chad and Derek Sarno. Soooooo good...