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Multi Print Medium Wraps

The classic Bee's Wrap formula in three fun prints-- one honeycomb, one fresh fruit and one botanical-- all in medium size, 10 inches x 11 inches.

Organic Cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin
Storage Tips

Bee's Wrap can be used to store anything from cheeses, to fruits and vegetables, to baked goods. Using the warmth of your hands wrap and seal Bee's Wrap around food items to keep them fresh.
To clean, wash with cool water and mild dish soap and air dry. Avoid sources of heat, such as hot water and microwaves. Once dry, store your bee's wrap in a drawer or a basket.
Bee's Wrap can be reused for about a year, or until it no longer sticks to itself to create a seal. Once your Bee's Wrap is no longer usable as food storage it can be cut into strips and composted or used as a natural and effective fire starter!

Bee's Wrap, Middlebury, VT

Bee's Wrap was founded in 2012 by Vermonter Sarah Kaech. As a mother, a gardener, and a seamstress Sarah wanted to eliminate the use of plastic in her kitchen and find a more sustainable method for storing food. She discovered the lost tradition of infusing organic cotton with beeswax to create a washable, reusable and compostable alternative to plastic wrap. This combination creates a malleable, reusable food wrap that is perfect for storing cheese, fruits and vegetables or baked goods.


February 18, 2022 by

I've been slowly eliminating plastic wrap from my kitchen and have been using Bees Wrap for several years. It's perfect for covering left-overs or wrapping around avocados to keep them fresh after cutting.