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Organic Maple Syrup (Pint)


This is Amber Rich grade maple syrup- which has replaced the Grade A Medium Amber in the latest maple syrup grading system.

Storage Tips

Store in a cool place.

Square Deal Farm, Hardwick, VT

We're proud of offer this superior syrup to Farmers To You Families. Sarah Lyons and Ray Lewis have been sugaring on their farm in Walden Vermont since 1997, and they also raise Pinzgauer cattle, Dorset-Suffolk cross sheep, grow potatoes and harvest their own hay in addition to managing their forest for timber and wildlife.
This syrup is certified Organic and the sugarwoods are sustainably managed - without the used of chemicals or pesticides - and everything that comes into contact with it conforms to the rigorous standards of Vermont Organic Farmers. The syrup is tested for lead contamination, and carefully packed and coded so that each bottle can be traced back to its boiling day and the container it was stored in.
Certified Organic

August 6, 2021 by

This is AMAZING maple syrup - truly unlike anything you could buy in store. My husband loves it so much he even puts it in his coffee. We have gone through an embarrassing amount of it in the last week, and we haven't eaten a single pancake. HIGHLY recommend!!

August 2, 2020 by

If you're buying this for yourself, you're probably making a mistake because FTY has it in a quart size too. This syrup is ridiculously delicious, and you're going to wish you had more.

November 9, 2012 by

Beautiful packaging and a great product, this is a great gift to give!