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highlander cheese
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Cellars at Jasper Hill Highlander Cheese

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Raw, mixed-milk (goat and cow) Alpine style cheese.
Highlander's recipe is inspired by traditional French and Swiss raclette. Its semi-firm, elastic texture makes for a pleasing table cheese and amazing melting properties. The classic way to enjoy the cheese is melted over potatoes with pickles and cured meat alongside. On its own, the cheese has notes of macadamia nuts, and butter with lingering washed rind aromas. This is an extra-special limited batch of this delicious, award-winning cheese, so get it while you can!

Raw cow's milk, raw goat's milk, salt, rennet (traditional), cultures

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Storage Tips
Refrigerate and eat within 5-7 days.

Cellars at Jasper Hill, Greensboro, VT

Jasper Hill Farm, located in the Northeast Kingdom, has a small herd of Ayrshires that are quite spoiled. The cows go out on a fresh piece of pasture after every milking during the spring summer and fall and are fed a ration of dry hay through the winter, when they stay in avoiding harsh winter wind and snow and listen to a great selection of jazz and classical music. These healthy happy cows are taken care of by Andy Kehler, who has worked with his brother Mateo Kehler since 1998 making superior cheeses. This cheese is made in partnership with goat farmer, Ryan Andrus of Bridgman Hill Farm.

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