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Organic Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes are things of beauty and flavor! Use them as you would garlic, but expect a lighter, "greener" flavor than the bite of regular cured garlic.

Dog River Farm, Berlin, VT

The scape is a flower shoot the garlic sends out in early summer. When growing garlic for their bulbs, the scapes are harvested so that the plant concentrates it's energy on the bulb.
Jaiel of Kettle Song Farm and George of Dog River Farm grow these beautiful scapes.
Certified Organic


July 10, 2016 by

Best ever! We order these every week they are available and make them into pesto. Our family of 4 loves garlic scape pesto more than any other and we grieve when scape season is over. Scape pesto over some fresh pasta and a dab of ricotta makes for a fast, healthy and delicious summer meal that we all look forward to!

July 5, 2015 by

I was not familiar with garlic scapes, but decided to try them. These were more tender than I expected (note, the thin grass-like ends are too tough to eat). I cut them in 1 inch lengths and just sauteed in some leftover Italian sausage fat and they were great. My kids liked them!