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19 oz

Frozen Wholewheat Pizza Dough

19 oz

For a truly tasty and nutritious pizza try this delicious wholewheat crust. Simply defrost, stretch, and load with all your favorite toppings for an extra wholesome pizza night.

Hard red spring wheat, water, salt, cane sugar, yeast.
Storage Tips

Keep frozen; once defrosted, use within 5 days.

Slice of Vermont, Williston, VT

Even though the ingredient list for this dough is identical to that for the regular dough, a different part of the wheat has been used, resulting in a hardier, nuttier flavor, and even more whole grain nutrition.

One recommendation…
April 23, 2023 by

Delicious and easier to stretch than many pizza doughs. We have found it’s best to prebake before adding toppings for a crisp/chewy but not doughy crust.

Delicious crust!
April 7, 2023 by

We love our home made pizza and this just elevated it. Makes a pizza that could come stright from a restaurant- amazing! We'll be buying this one again.