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Frozen Ramp Pierogi

A dozen handmade VT Pierogi in a special springtime limited edition: Ramp 'Rogi. Featuring certified sustainably harvested ramps, and Sweet Rowen cheese, these are a delicious spring tradition from Vt Pierogi.

King Arthur Flour, Bear Roots Farm Organic Potatoes, Sweet Rowen Farmer’s Cheese, Cabot Unsalted Butter, Savage Gardens Non-GMO Eggs, Sustainably Harvested* Vermont Ramps, Redmond’s Real Sea Salt. Allergens: Milk, Eggs, Wheat.
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VT Pierogi, Barton, VT

Their notes on the *Sustainable* Harvesting of Wild Ramps :: It's best to pick just one leaf from any single plant, to leave many plants entirely untouched in your harvest, and especially important to leave roots undisturbed. Roots should only be harvested (very sparingly!) from extremely healthy ramp populations, and, where you can be quite certain that you are the only one plucking them up! Generally, try to avoid harvests in heavily trafficked areas and widely known ramp spots to help minimize localized impact.

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