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Frozen Blueberry Rhubarb & Sour Cherry Maple Hand Pies

Adorable hand pies, about 5"x3"; two blueberry rhubarb and two sour cherry maple, frozen and ready for you to bake at home.

Crust: King Arthur Flour, Cabot butter, sugar, kosher salt, sour cream, raw sugar, egg. Blueberry Rhubarb: blueberries, rhubarb, lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, corn starch, kosher salt. Sour Cherry Maple: sour cherries, VT maple syrup, lemon, raw sugar, arrowroot, allspice, kosher salt.
Storage Tips

Bake from frozen, do not thaw.

Piecemeal Pies, White River Junction, VT

Bake from frozen at 350 for about 40 minutes, until nicely browned and filling is bubbling.

Splurge is worth it because quality & convenience are both so high
February 24, 2023 by

My husband ate one of the Cherry pies last night and enjoyed it. (We tried the Apple/Peach set in a prior order and both liked both of those flavors, too.) The best thing about these is the taste; unlike commercial pie crust, these are light and don't have that greasy aftertaste that keeps pie low on my list of favorite desserts.

In addition to the yummy flavor, I am happy that these come wrapped so that it is EASY to tell which flavor is which (a design on the crust itself means this is true EVEN AFTER BAKING), and it is EASY to separate a single pie to heat at one time. At our house, differing dietary needs & preferences mean it is common to share a main dish with different sides and desserts, so these pies work well for us.

My family has now tasted 3 of the 4 current hand pie offerings. I decided to review before tasting the Blueberry to ensure at least one review was up on each item. They are expensive, but I will keep ordering, maybe one package every other week so the two gluten eaters in our home each get a treat a week. It's a splurge, but a pleasant one.