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Dolgo Crabapple Rosehip Honey Jam

Dolgos are the perfect crabapple and here they are cooked with organic rosehips and honey to make a mouth-watering, smooth, intensely fruity flavor that's a V Smiley favorite!

Ecologically-grown Dolgo crabapples, honey, organic rosehips, lemon juice.
Storage Tips

Refrigerate after opening.

V Smiley Preserves, New Haven, VT

You can take apple preserves just about anywhere in the kitchen. For cheese pairing: start by eating this with a clothbound cheddar or fresh goat cheese and then move onto the traditional pork chop and apple pairing by melting the preserve in a saucepan with dijon mustard, add in some cream and salt, allow to simmer and thicken. Serve the sauce with oven roasted/charred onions and a thick pork chop.
Honey sweetened preserves made without the use of added pectin allows the texture and temperament of each fruit to shine through, yielding a range from soft to firm preserves. V Smiley Preserves are made in wide copper jam pans from hand cut fruit. One pot of jam produces 6-10 jars of preserves and some batches take up to 3 days to produce! Each finished jar of preserves contains about 1 lb. of fruit!

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