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Organic Heavy Cream


This is pure, nothing added, cream from Butterwork's own herd of Jerseys. It's flavor is fresh, creamy and rich.

pasteurized sweet jersey cream
Storage Tips

Store in the refrigerator.

Butterworks Farm, Troy, VT

Ann and Jack Lazor take such good care of their cows and all the lush grass they consume shows in this tasty cream. Now from cows that are 100% grass fed as well as Organic. This heavy, 100% Jersey Cream is not ultra-pasteurized like most cream you find in the store and the difference in taste is outstanding. Ultra-pasteurization heats the cream to a higher temperature, extending the shelf life, but in turn kills the fresh cream flavor and imparts a 'cooked' cream taste. This cream retains its full, sweet flavor.
Certified Organic


February 7, 2021 by

This heavy cream is really wonderful. It's thick and creamy. I have made ice cream, cream sauces for pasta, and homemade butterscotch pudding with it and raspberry mousse.

May 29, 2020 by

This cream is very good quality, but I hate the plastic packaging. We usually buy heavy cream at Trader Joe's instead because the quality is good & it comes in a paper carton.

March 24, 2019 by

I am addicted to Butterworks Farm products since they come from grass fed Jersey cows which I think usually have the highest fat content. The cream is wonderful, sometimes with gobs of extra thick cream that makes coffee or fresh berries extra luxurious. The cream is sweet enough that we have stopped using any sugar in our coffee. Buy two, they are small and go fast

October 20, 2015 by

This cream is as good as it gets. It's thick, rich, and sweet. If you taste this next to the heavy cream from the grocery, you'll notice a couple of things things. First, this cream has a full sweet and robust flavor, as opposed to the flat profile of the ultra-pasteurized cream. Second, this cream has much more color and texture than the pure paper-white stuff from the store. This is, by far, our favorite cream for creme fraiche and cream sauces!

April 22, 2012 by

Delicious. The best cream ever.

July 12, 2011 by

This is what cream is supposed to be like!!! The cream you get in the grocery store is like thick milk. This is rich, yellowish in color because it is full of milk fats. It whips up some amazing whipped cream!!! I add the honey from this CSA instead of sugar, and the whipped cream is phenomenal!! My coffee always has a dab of this in it too. My dad grew up on a farm and kept me around farms when I was young, and I haven't had cream like this since then. Delicious!!!

June 3, 2011 by

This cream is AMAZING. It makes the grocery store cream look like water in comparison. My household of three goes through 4 pints a week -- in coffee, whipped with fruit, baked into custard, over cereal, in puddings, with a little cocoa powder and maple syrup for hot chocolate. Big fans!!!

October 11, 2010 by

Heavy cream Heavy cream!!!! This rich, luscious, golden substance is the essence of heaven!! I add it every morning to my cup of tea, accompanied by Zeffy Z's maple syrup. Delicious cold or warm on anything!!!