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1.2 oz

Coconut Mylk Chocolate

1.2 oz

This is the chocolate for all Milk Chocolate lovers. Super easy to enjoy for young and old alike - this smooth bar with a subtle coconut flavor and aroma really melts in your mouth leaving you wanting more!

40% Cacao nibs, 30% Coconut Sugar, 15% Cacao Butter, 15% Coconut Mylk Powder
Storage Tips

Keep in a cool and dry place.

Prophecy Chocolate, Hardwick, VT

Prophecy Chocolate creates delicious chocolate bars in Hardwick, Vt, using direct trade chocolate from Peru.


February 22, 2020 by

I do enjoy chocolate but don't eat a lot of it. It tends to be something I just nibble on. I got this for my husband for Valentines Day- and he seldomly eats chocolate. I ended up eating the whole bar after giving it to him when he offered me a piece. It is so intensely delicious! It is now something that just stays in my order and I'm taking my little nibbles, even with breakfast. My husband is also won over and is enjoying the chocolate as a treat after dinner. Thank you for making such a thoughtfully produced product!

February 19, 2020 by

I love how milk chocolate melts in your mouth, but since developing a taste for dark chocolate, I now find most milk chocolates too sweet and/or not chocolate-y enough. Not this bar! It is smooth while not overly-sweet or diluted. Plus it's sweetened with coconut sugar which has minerals and a lower glycemic index than refined sugar. A healthy and delicious choice for milk chocolate lovers. And don't consume it so fast that you overlook the beautiful presentation - each square bar is stamped with a simple and elegant cacao bean etching.

February 11, 2020 by

Bought this for a friend who is currently on a no-dairy, no-processed sugar diet and complained that she hadn't had decent chocolate since - she loved it, and was very happy to have found a good vegan "milk" chocolate.