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2 oz

70% Chocolate Bar With Fennel Pollen & Strawberries

Smooth, bright 70% dark chocolate (blended origin, certified organic and fair trade) sprinkled with organic fennel pollen and organic, freeze-dried strawberry bits. The result is luscious, earthy and fruity. Vegan, soy free.

70% chocolate (fair trade, organic chocolate liquor, fair trade, organic cane sugar, fair trade, organic cocoa butter, organic vanilla extract), organic, freeze-dried strawberries, organic fennel pollen.
Storage Tips

Keeps for 1 year if stored between 55 and 70 degrees. No direct exposure to sunlight or heat.

Farmhouse Chocolates, Bristol, VT

Always using 100% organic and fair trade cocoa and chocolate, Farmhouse source all other ingredients as locally as possible, then produce everything themselves in Bristol, VT.

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