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The Healing Beauty of Nature

December 18, 2020
Greg Georgaklis

Up here in Vermont, this season of winter has the potential to be something wondrous or something to endure.

Even in normal years winter can be difficult for those who lack a strong connection with the outdoors, whether through their work, farming or joyful recreation. This year, concerns about health and social responsibility have kept even more people inside. 

I have an acquaintance who has struggled watching her community endure the injustices of this pandemic and her reaction has been to shut herself in and away from everyone. I understand her response, but when she shared that she has not been outside for many days I realized that the outdoors is where I go for healing — even on a day like today when the wind is strong and the snow is coming fast.

Nature’s beauty is her love manifest. We have always said that beauty is the mark of health, and that applies here completely.

Unless you are an avid skier, winter can be a hard season to love. But behind the darkness and gray lies a subtle beauty. It suggests a healing and magic taking place deep inside of the seeds and plants during this time, referred to in many cultures as the holy nights. They say crystals hold memories, information and wisdom. Right now, everything here is in crystal form. Seeds of our cold season plants will not germinate unless they are touched by crystals.

Go for a walk in the winter snow and drink in the many shades of grays, browns and whites. Feel the introspective magic that is the gift of this time of year. Be a “seed” and crystalize your intentions while you absorb the healing quiet of December. Calm your thoughts and listen to the silence; this is a powerful time.

May we all find health and healing in this holy time. I am sending those thoughts to my friend and acquaintance in hopes that she will be drawn outside and filled with wonder.