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Michael Pollan: Our Oracle of Food

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March 18, 2022
Greg Georgaklis

Dear Families,

We have been deeply contemplating how to communicate with new partner families of Farmers To You in a way that clearly articulates the serious issues with our food, our supply chains, and how that is all linked to our health. At the same time we are wary of alarmist messaging—and wish instead to offer an option (us!) and what we think is a very good solution to many of these ills: regional food partnerships grounded in trust and transparency.   

Just as I was searching for what I could share with you, Dave Chapman of Long Wind Farm (think delicious Little Guys Tomatoes and The Real Organic Project) sends an email with his interview with Michael Pollan. 

Sometimes you just have to let a master communicator do the heavy lifting!

Michael is the guy who got me off my seat and motivated me to start Farmers To You when he articulated the state of our food system in The Omnivore’s Dilemma—which we can’t recommend enough for all Farmers To You partner families.

Please listen to and share this interview far and wide so others who want a solution to the ill health of our food system can join us in partnership to heal families, farms and the planet.


P.S. There was only one thing Michael said that I strongly disagree with. He lives part of the year in Cambridge—and Whole Foods is one of the only places he can find fresh veggies! If any of you know Michael, will you please sign him up for Farmers To You!!