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Moksha Farm Roxbury, VT

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Moksha Farm was created by Gerri Huck and Rohit Sharma after the pair quit their hectic jobs as an IT consultant and a university professor and moved to Vermont. Gerri and Rohit had the goal of conserving woodlands and contributing to the tradition of sustainable and local food production. Moksha Farm strives to think beyond organic, by refusing to use methods or amendments that do not align with their values. Moksha's small farm and orchard produces ingredients for their non-dairy yogurts and chutneys while providing a haven to rescued animals and a refuge for wildlife. The focus of Moksha Farm is guided by the health of the body, mind and environment, and Moksha strives to keep their packaging plastic-free. Moksha's products are adapted from traditional Indian recipes, while honoring the delicious flavors of local, Vermont fruits and maple syrup and avoiding the use of thickeners, sugars and artificial flavors.

Products from Moksha Farm

vegan egg-free egg rolls snacks
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Moksha Farm

Vegan Egg Rolls

5 Egg Rolls
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Moksha Farm

Soy Yogurt

16 oz