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Fast Hitch Farm Whiting, VT

Farmer/Producer Website

Fast Hitch Farm is a beautiful 45-acre sustainably-run hilltop farm located in Whiting, Vermont. The farm's property includes cropland, open fields, forests, waterways and ponds. The original farmhouse and barn were erected in 1790 and stand as a testament to the ingenuity and resolve of the region's early settlers. In more recent history, the land was cropped by a neighboring organic dairy farm until Donner D. and Donner R. Carr purchased the property in 2012.
Fast Hitch Farm is currently applying for organic certification with the state of Vermont. One of their guiding principles is "Everything Produces," which is their attempt to conserve resources on the farm and to minimize off-farm inputs and waste. They believe that their fields, forests, barns and ponds are all part of the Fast Hitch Farm agro-ecosystem.

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