Patchwork Farm and Bakery East Hardwick, VT

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Charlie is one of the funniest bakers we have ever met. He and his wife, Anne, will tell you that their farm and bakery in East Hardwick, VT began as a wonderful accident. Anne and Charlie were growing vegetables on a 3 acre market garden and looking for a new venture to support themselves and their two daughters. What began as a joke and then an experiment in the early 2000s has grown into a fully fledged brick oven bakery with more than 25 varieties of sourdough breads, crackers, and matzoh and as many ingredients as possible sourced from local producers. To learn more about Charlie, listen to this podcast where he shares a bit of his life story and how he came to find joy as a baker in rural Vermont. He is also featured on this Rise Up! The Baker Podcast with Mark Dyck.

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