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Organic Spaghetti Squash

This is a smaller, "Angel Hair," personal sized squash. They are round and a deep sunny yellow, and bake up a little sweeter than regular spaghetti squash.

Storage Tips

Store in a cool, dry place.

Burnt Rock Farm, Huntington, VT

This squash has a thin hard shell for skin that holds up well even when baked. The flesh is light yellow and can be used interchangably with noodles.
Certified Organic


September 10, 2017 by

My wife and I really enjoyed this. We used it in place of a pasta, using some ground beef (from Farmer's To You), spiced up a bit, and a tomato/vodka sauce, and it turned out wonderfully. This is certainly a healthier alternative to pasta (and I love pasta). It has a rich mouth feel, and is easy to cook.

Highly recommended.