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5 oz

Smoked Onion Hot Sauce

Smoked Onion Hot Sauce started as a one-off batch. Then folks wanted another batch. And another. It was at around the fourth "one-off batch" that BBVT realized that maple wood smoked onions and local chili peppers makes for some fabulous hot sauce.

Locally-grown red jalapenos or serranos, organic white vinegar, maple wood smoked locally-grown onions, salt.
Butterfly Bakery of Vermont, Barre, VT

They started making hot sauce as a fun little Farmers Market side gig, but it very quickly became over 80% of their business. All of the peppers that they use in their hot sauces are grown within 200 miles of their Barre, Vermont cannery, which means that they're the #1 purchaser of Vermont grown chili peppers in the world.

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