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3 oz

Organic Sunflower Shoots

3 oz

These sunflower sprouts are sweet and nutty in flavor, similar to spinach. Crunchy, juicy and fresh, they are an excellent accent to a meal or great as a snack of their own.

Storage Tips

Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Pete's Greens, Craftsbury, VT

Certified Organic

Tasty & Versatile
September 19, 2021 by

Tried these for the first time & loved them! Crunchy & slightly nutty, refreshing in a different way than my usual pea greens. Excellent added to salads, sandwiches, & a great substitute for bean sprouts in soups! I liked sprinkling them on my instant ramen too.

January 14, 2012 by

We are ordering these every week for winter salads along with the mixed shoots. They go a long way and have a lovely refreshing flavor...great in sandwiches too!