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5 lb

Raw Turkey Patties Pet Food

5 lb

A 5 lb. bag of 10 - 8 oz patties made from ground turkey, bones and organ meat. Full of protein and fat to give your pets the energy source they are designed to digest. These patties are 65% meat, 25% bone and 10% organ meat.

This raw pet food comes frozen. Defrost in the refrigerator.

Turkey meat, ground turkey bones, poultry heart and poultry liver
Storage Tips

Keep frozen or refrigerated.

Vermont Raw Pet Food, Huntington, VT

Dogs and cats are true carnivores- they are designed to chew and digest raw meat and bones. That's right! Bones are perfectly safe to feed your dog or cat as long as they are RAW. Once they have been cooked- keep them away from your feline and canine friends.
For more information on a raw diet for pets check out these Books.
Recommended portions are any where between 2-4% of your pets body weight. The determining factors being activity level and weight. For more info check out Raw Fed Dogs.

Too much bone to meat for my pup
September 24, 2021 by

This seems so convenient and I have bought it multiple times. But each time my dogs poops turn into hard white stools. I have learned to only use half of it and then supplement it with 1/2 regular beef