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Organic Sweet Jimmy Nardello Red Peppers

This is a candy sweet pepper which — perplexingly — looks like a hot one. It even smells a little like a hot pepper when you cut into it. But saute with onions or slow roast to enjoy with sausages or make the best batch of pesto you've ever had. Dry or freeze some to add deep fruity flavor to sauces and soups all winter long, or pickle them for an incredible piquant snack.

Storage Tips

Store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator, or freeze already roasted peppers for later use.

Bone Mountain Farm, Jericho, VT

Jimmy Nardello was the 4th son of Angela Nardiello, who emigrated from southern Italy to Connecticut in 1887, and brought with her some of the seeds of this famous pepper. Jimmy continued to grow the pepper his entire life, and had the forethought to share some seeds with the newly-founded Seed Savers Exchange before his death in 1983.
Certified Organic

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