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Organic Baby Russet Potatoes

These are approximately 2 inch in diameter Russet Potatoes, perfect for oven roasting or crispy smashing.

Storage Tips

Store in a cool, dark place.

Burnt Rock Farm, Huntington, VT

Native to South America, these thin skinned potatoes have a succulent texture that makes these pototoes versatile and easy to use in many dishes.
Certified Organic

delicious but not affordable
January 15, 2023 by

I was disappointed to see that there were only 9 small potatoes in the bag. I think 5-6 of them were quite small and the others more medium size. At $1.11 apiece these certainly don't fit into our budget, alas. They are delicious and when baked the skin gets so much crunchier than the bulk potatoes we get at WF. If you can afford them I highly recommend them!